Liquid Modernity

December 23, 2008

Our liquid modernity is quickly starting to comprehend the downside effect of fluidity – Turbulence at a global scale.
The credit fueled capitalisation of our socio-economic model is quickly deleveraging -leaving behind the glittering delerict relics of a misformed spatial-economic infrastructure – empty shops, ghost town high streets, empty offices, repossessed and empty homes.

This is just the beginning; we have witnessed the contraction of credit – now we shall witness its affects on the real economy – as we are forced to give up our illusionary ‘lifestyle’ and live within our true affordance. This will imply a radical reformation of our cities, towns and villages – requiring three primary shifts

1] Cultural shift – where our individual aspirational fulfillment is no longer a by-product of consumption but of civic leadership and public value agency.
2] Affordance shift – where capital refocuses upon use value & affordance and innovation is focused upon their optimisation.
3] We shift – where liquidity is reborn through the aggregation of micro collective investment and the distinction between consumer, producer and investor becomes increasingly blurred.

The aggregation of these three reformative behaviors – we believe forms the basis of a whole productive new socio-economy and the transformative re-organisation of our cities, towns and neighbourhoods.


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