Value strikes back –

December 24, 2008

Middle classes help Aldi sales soar 21%; Lidl up by 13%; Sainsbury’s weakest of the big four

A very interesting retail direction which to be honest had been coming for some time – if you watch the customer satisfaction surveys.

With premium providers taking a hit, [M&S food leading the way – down 9%] to be relevant in this economy we are going to have to deliver a whole new set of values & innovations to customers if we want their custom recognising.

I would not say Aldi and Lidl are the future but they certainly point towards a new value model – albeit a very crude first draft – where affordance value is increasingly a critical driver.

By consequence, we believe strategies & designs which innovate and optimise not only the cost but the very affordance value of things, buildings & assets will be holy grail of the coming reformation.


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