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Collaborative visions of the future

April 29, 2009

A callout by Anab Jain for collaborators to work with her on The Powers of 8 – to be exhibited at the Watermans gallery July – October…

“The Power of 8’ is a collaborative project, which aims to build a public discourse around people’s individual aspirations for the future.

Today, in face of, what seems to be, a melt down of economic systems, the foreboding environmental crisis, not to mention regular threats of war, terror and even the remote possibility of a technological singularity, we are (once again) living that moment in history, where images of a ‘dark future’ have become mainstream. Scientists, futurists and artists have commented about this crisis in their own way, and we are bombarded with predictions about the possible worst case scenarios.

While the fact that we live in a world of finite resources stands true, how do we, as members of the civil society, translate, what might seem to be relatively abstract predictions of the future, into our everyday lives? Where do they collide with our individual aspirations of the habitable, or even ‘perfect’ future worlds we desire? In ‘Power of 8…’, I would like to meet the voices of concern and the faces of gloom head on, and offer counter points by engaging directly with people. I will work directly with 7 people to explore what their ideas of a ‘future’ constitutes.”

Check it out.



“Selling is the new saving.”

April 22, 2009

Despite putting too much weight behind the cringeworthy term “sellsumer,” this article on identifies a significant trend and includes a good list of websites that make it easy to sell products and services online. These websites have proliferated as their web masters play the part of long-tail middlemen, benefiting from low initial investment. Equally, users flock to such services as they allow them to profit from their skills without having to negotiate the complexities of setting up an online business from scratch. Add the recession to the mix as an added incentive, and this efficient coupling of micro-entrepreneurs and long-tail middlemen could be poised to command a good slice of the online economy.


TED Night

April 6, 2009

TED night at 00:/

On the evening of the 1st of April, while helicopters hovered over the G20 demonstrations outside, a diverse group of people gathered at the 00:/ office to watch lectures and discuss them. Using TED talks as stimulus, we tackled the social issues stemming from pervasive augmented reality technology, the effects of overwhelming choice, the effects of too little choice, the importance of long-view statistical visualisation, and the role of creativity in education. Among us were marketers, architects, social media strategists, ecological fashion designers, animators and 3D artists, bankers, all bringing valuable insights to remarkably in-depth conversations. The level of engagement with the topics was a very welcome change to the usual “dialogue” of media sound-bite versus placard slogan.

We hope that this will be one of many such events to come (possibly under the TEDx umbrella), and that it may further inform all of our activities.