Indy @ RUDI

October 1, 2009

Indy recently gave this talk at a RUDI event on Socio-technologies and analysing use. A useful insight into our approach to design and regeneration – one that concentrates on use values and place – not urban and architectural form. He asks questions about the information and communication structures designers employ with their clients that  have concentrated on matter to tackle socio-economic issues. He talks about how 00:/’s methodologies challenge this modus operandi in our understanding of behavioural logic together with technological solutions, and of the  social logics of design in time and use – not just space. Fundamentally, we have realised that it is no longer viable form of practice to rely on concept drawings and design as a form of art to stay relevant. We are finding that we need to engage on many levels, from service design to financial modelling, and how those elements “behave in space” because this is what is relevant to our clients, and more importantly to our communities and places. Architects and designers need to reassess the tools that they use to analyse, understand, communicate and design.



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