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WORK NOW Series : The Strategy Theatre

June 24, 2010

This is the first in a series of our propositions for the future of work called Work Now, based on our various learning to date on collaborative & innovative workspaces and progressive institutions. We’ve uploaded this proposition for the Strategy Theatre onto slideshare– but in brief, the Strategy Theatre is a newsroom + think tank + augmentive environment + rapid response unit.

We understand that Agile Responsiveness and Smart Anticipation are critical functions of corporate institutions. Increasingly organisations must engage in unplanned systemic crisis with immediate mastery of the scenario. The Strategy Theatre is a new sort of place & function designed to rapidly scope, visualise and model emerging crisis, and support deployment mastery.

We hope you enjoy.



00 delivery

June 21, 2010

Our site boards arrived today – looking forward to seeing them up on site at Knutton Road for our SOAR works project in Sheffield!

YF Future Communities blog

June 15, 2010

After I presented at the RIBA Futures Fair, the Young Foundation’s Future Communities project asked me to write up some of my thoughts for their blog: can Open Source Planning avoid ‘Matthew’s Rule’?

You can find it here


joni zero

June 6, 2010