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SOAR WORKS, Sheffield – Work well underway

October 18, 2010

The steel frame to the north block of SOAR Works is now erected with the steel decking installed. Things are really taking shape and you can imagine the scale and quality of the spaces. I got very excited about the openings in the roof decking ready for the upstand rooflights. A lot of effort was put into laying-out and detailing the decking by ourselves and the sub-contractors. Metal floor deckings are used to cast the concrete slab and are generally concealed. Seeing it on site in its shiny splendor makes us happy with our decision to not have ceilings but exposed it. The view from the scaffolding tower allows you to grasp how amazing the view will be from the second floor conference room. At the end of last week the groundfloor slab was cast – I hear the finish is remarkable so when we have photos I will post.


Ps I am also very happy with the women size site boots that the site manager (Dave) has now got me. A lot more manageable (and stylist) than the size 8 steel foot cap wellies I was previously struggling about site in!



October 6, 2010

We’ve just launched a new 00:/Teambox service!

Teambox ( is a collaboration platform based on a micro-blogging system – we’ll be using it to share out project development discussions both internally and with collaborators.

We’ll be hosting our own installation of Teambox on our servers, so it will be a secure way to share project-specific files and conversations.

You can find the new resource here: