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Everyone’s Games

November 19, 2010
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On 18th November, Architecture 00:/ won a ‘live pitch’ event organised by the RIBA as part of their ‘Guerilla Tactics’ conference.
It posed a hypothetical brief to think about the design of the temporary structures to be used at London 2012, to provide information, catering kiosks, shops and event venues around the stadium. Developed in collaboration with Momentum engineering, ‘Everyone’s Games’ was 00’s presentation to that panel of expert clients.
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Sense of Place Project wins high commendation at HCA Awards 2010

November 1, 2010

00:/ worked with a multidisciplinary team on the Sense of Place pilot project to test methodologies for mapping people’s sense of place in the Soho Road area of Birmingham as a driving force for a more bottom-up approach to masterplanning and area regeneration. The project recently won a high commendation at the Home & Communities Awards 2010. It was the only project to be highly commended within the category of ‘Leadership of Place’.

At the awards ceremony, Sarah Montague (Radio 4’s Today programme presenter), said: “The judges were particularly impressed with the project’s approach to engaging and empowering residents to make a difference to their lives and community.”

The community website has been created to capture, harness and drive existing community initiative using the banners “Do (take action) Dream (about the future) Pledge (work together)”. A four minute film (made my 00:/) summarising the learning from the project can be seen by clicking here.